Wait A Second..

Siva is the mysterious God of the Hindu Trinity. He is said to meditate for eternity, sitting at the peak of Mount Kailas in Tibet. Even other Gods dare not disturb Him from His trance. Siva is all-powerful, unknowable, scary, shapeless, time-less and irascible. The Universe was created out of Him. When Siva eventually comes out of meditation and performs the fiery Thandava dance, the Universe will dissolve back into Him.

A devotee prayed to Siva for years on end. Finally Siva appeared in front him, visibly annoyed.
“So, what do you want?”
“Oh, Lord, I heard that a second for you is a hundred million years to mere mortals like me.”
“Yeah, so? Just tell me what you want from me.”
“Also, I heard that a penny for you is equivalent to a hundred million gold coins for me.”
“You are annoying me with trivialities. Just ask already.”
“Great Lord, give your humble servant a penny, please.”

“Sure”, said Siva. “Just wait a second…”

Om Nama Sivaya.

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